Why are your hair extensions turning into a matted mess? Why Ouielle o

Why are your hair extensions turning into a matted mess? Why Ouielle only uses FULL CUTICLE Hair.

Why are your hair extensions turning into a matted mess? Why Ouielle only uses FULL CUTICLE Hair.

Through the lens of a microscope, scientists began getting to the root of a problem many beauty experts say they've dealt with for a long time.  Mid-South stylists stated there are too few regulations in place to hold mega money-making hair extension companies accountable in the beauty industry. So the weight of the backlash fell into their laps.

Many stylists said more regulations are needed to hold hair extension companies accountable for the products they place on the market. Stylists suspect what women are buying to put on their heads may not be human at all.

"This is something that people are invested in. This is something that people are using to feel good about themselves," Empire Hair Studio stylist Jeni Sanders said. "They don't want to spend $800 and then get yak hair, get raccoon hair--something that's going to turn green."


Beauty experts discovered hair extension brands are mixing synthetic and animal hair into products they are selling as 100 percent human hair. Beauty experts said their customers are ultimately paying the price.

"Suzy's not going to blame the hair extensions company. She's going to blame me, you know! " Sanders said.

Beauty experts believed some brands are conning their clients, taking their cash and mis-marketing products.

Hair extensions are marketed as virgin, unprocessed, or top quality hair, but WMC Action News 5's Felicia Bolton put those labels and the brands that market them to the test.Watch thevideo above to learn about her findings from Action 5 News.


Why Choose Full Cuticle?

Hair extensions completely transform someone’s look. Whether adding length, volume, changing color, or all of the above, extensions can breathe new life and confidence into your clients. For many customers, however, choosing to get extensions is an investment. Being able to guide your clients to the best possible outcome will not only keep them satisfied and confident with their results but also build trust and make them more likely to become return customers. This ability comes first with a deep understanding of the hair extensions themselves.

At Ouielle, we confidently provide the highest-grade hair extensions in the business. We are set apart by our dedication to quality and ensuring each stylist who uses our products feels confident in their understanding of hair extensions. In this blog, we discuss four key reasons your clients need our 100% Full Cuticle Remy Hair extensions and what benefits the hair provides.

With so many kinds of extensions in the industry, we thought it would help to have a refresh on what Full Cuticle hair extensions even are. There is a misconception in the industry that “Remy” hair is the optimal hair to acquire. This is simply not true. Remy hair merely indicates that the hair is all lying in the same direction whereas “FULL CUTICLE” is the “pro secret” in that the cuticle is still fully intact thus rendering hair that will maintain its luster, be tangle free and provide a quality that is way beyond standard extensions.

 Ouielle extensions are human-hair extensions with the cuticle still intact. This means the hair is collected and preserved in a way that maintains the original integrity of the hair and provides longer shine, more strength, and overall flexibility. At Ouielle, our long-standing relationships with our independent award winning factory allow us the ability to provide the most elite quality hair at unbeatable price points, ultimately increasing your profits due to results that your clients will absolutely fall in love with. This hair is the bread and butter of all we do, and our products must always be top of the line

Say goodbye to low-quality hair

If you’ve ever had standard extensions in the past then you’ve likely experienced the issues that come with them. Typically, these extensions are mass produced and mainly consist of hair from India and have been dipped in silicone so initially they look great and are tangle free and manageable. However, after several washes the silicone naturally gets washed out and the performance drops off dramatically. The hair becomes dry, brittle, and easy to tangle leaving your guest somewhat frustrated and disappointed. The annoying part is that your guest sees you as the source of their frustrations and can take it out on you the stylist. So it is always best to offer an elite product from the outset and Ouielle hair extensions combat this exact problem. There’s nothing artificial about this hair, so the shine comes across as healthy and luxurious, unlike standard options. The quality is guaranteed because the hair is sourced with its cuticle fully intact. 


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