Mission – Ouielle

Yes She Can

Ouielle means Yes She in French, we are a new spin on an old industry which is focused on the male gaze. We are ethical, we are strong, we are enduring and we believe you can have perfect hair every damn day.

“I founded Ouielle because I saw an industry of cheap over priced products that were anything but women centric. As a hair wearer who depends on hair extensions everyday I knew I had to change something. Hair shouldn’t be sold by using sex appeal or the male gaze. Hair extensions need to last, they need to be pure, ethical and I need to trust them. To me the truest expression of Ouielle is that we are here to support women, create a community and empower through education and fair trade.”

-Tessa Sechay, CEO

Made for you

From our first launch in 2018 we have been inspired by you. Your needs, your comments have inspired our brand, have pushed us forward and have made us stronger. We are a brand that is here for you.