Ouielle Hair Couture

Hair that is made to live in

We make hair extensions that last. Connect with us today to get your colour match.

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Color Artistry

Exceptional glossy shades, with rich depth and true to life tones. Dyed by hand using only the finest plant extracts. Blonde hair from blonde donors and brunette from brunette, each shade is built to blend and last.

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"Absolutely unparalleled quality and service. I have been wearing hair for 10 years and this is hands down the best. Ouielle will be the next big thing in the hair industry",

— Anastasia Cuveé

What's in a name?

Oui Elle (pronounced wee élle) means Yes She in french. We believe in one thing. Yes She Can. We believe you can have Perfect Hair Every Damn Day.


Get Pro Discounting

35% OFF ALL Extensions. European Provenance Remy Hair Extensions

Stylist Membership

We are dedicated to providing our clients with premium, ethically sourced, Slavic, Remy hair extensions. Whether you have struggled to grow your hair past a certain point, or are looking to add fullness or length, a stunning look for a special event, or a temporary change, we can help you or your stylist make that happen. We aim to change the way hair extensions are perceived by ensuring a significant and lasting improvement to your self-esteem and confidence. 


6 month Guarantee

Hair so good we can guarantee it will never turn into a matted mess. Enjoy a 6 month quality guarantee.

Creating Unstoppable Hair Extensions

100% Cuticle Intact Remy Human Hair

We don't use heavy acid baths, bleach or silicone to process our strands. This means the cuticle is still intact so you will have no tangling. Our hair lasts well over a year with proper care.

European Origin

We are the only hair extension brand that sources ethically and ONLY from Russia. Blonde hair from blonde donors, brunette from brunette and red from red. Our hair is minimally processed and silicone free.

Quality Without The 10X Markup

Say goodbye to traditional 10x markups. We offer the highest grade of hair direct to consumer and salon without the corporate middle man. We are Canadian owned and operated.

Silk and Plant Protein

Each strand is infused over 20 days with naturally derived proteins for unstoppable hair.

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