The Journey of Damaged Hair: Understanding the Culprits and Seeking Re – Ouielle

Design and CraftsHERship

Each piece in our collections starts with our in-house design team. We’re inspired by current trends, natural results and you; we celebrate the diversity of colours, the depth and dimension of a balayage; and we’re energized by your personal style. Each colour goes through countless versions with our design team, lengths, attachments, durability, flexibility, authentication—no detail goes unnoticed or undiscussed—until the piece is exactly right.

Our expert technicians use the highest quality materials from Russia— and the most pure natural dyes from China to create our one of a kind collections.

Formula For Unstoppable Hair

Our Unique Approach

What's in Popular Brands?

Scientific examination into what other brands sell.

Precious Materials

Single Donors

Our hair comes from single willing donors and is maintained in its original bundle through production. We never use found hair or scraps. Quality is everything, and true ethical quality is hard to come by.

Gentle Processing

Hair is a natural material, and it should stay that way. We say NO to acid baths, silicones, and harsh chemicals. we say YES to natural protein, colour and strength.

Rather than buying dispensable cheap hair pieces, [CEO Tessa] Sechay believes Women should buy pieces that last, never make them feel stressed about the quality or how they hair might react to simple daily activities. And above all, hair that is not the byproduct of slavery, genocide or other disturbing means. Women should support women around the world"

— CEO Founder Tessa Sechay

Hand Crafted

Details are what makes us different

Each phase of production is held under the greatest standards. We do everything by hand to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Global Supply chain

Sourced in Europe our raw materials are brought back to Qingdao China to our award winning factory. Since 200, our factory has been dedicated to small production for only the leading alite salons.


We’re committed to fair pricing and superior quality without the traditional industry markups. We do things differently. To make luxury accessible, we work directly with the best suppliers around the world, remove the middlemen and sell directly to you. Because we work in partnership with our technicians, we get the very best quality at the best price. All so that you can perfect hair every day, not just on special occasions.