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Make 2023 Your highest earning year as a Hairstylist

Make 2023 Your highest earning year as a Hairstylist

Setting goals is an essential part of business development, and we want to equip our stylists with the tools you need to not just meet your goals but exceed them. As you check in with yourself and perhaps even set new goals for the last two quarters of the year, read our crucial ideas on how you can continue to be successful with every endeavor for 2023


Only provide customers with the highest quality product

Not only will you give the best results but you will give customer satisfaction that keeps earning you money.  Everything is accessible to your clients, they're coming to you for a service they can't do themselves,, this means you need to provide top quality products that keep them happy and you happy. 

When choosing hair extensions always remember that not everything that claims to be remy human hair is. Often it is made from animal hair,plastic or taken from sewers or salon floors (sometimes much worse scenarios). This is why we say Stay away from mass producing brands that pump out millions of bundles of hair a year. its it not possible to get ethical human hair in these large numbers. 

We at Ouielle are passionate about provide real products that are ethically sourced. We focus on small batches to ensure accuracy with our products.Every bundle is inspected in our labs and has to receive our quality guarantee before heading to market. 



Communication Is KEY to keep your customers happy and your name in good light.

Sometimes a small amount of skipped information can cost your serious cash. That's why we want to make sure our stylist community has access to the best and basic tools to make your life easier. 

1. Client Waiver (reduce risk)

2. Client Care Form (reduce liability)

3. Price list and full color list (know all your A)

4. Provide artful customer service. 


Expand your services to offer the most and the best

Another great way to crush business goals is to expand your services. Whether this means learning how to install applications or learning a new system, we offer virtual and in-person training courses that empower you to become a hair extension pro. We recommend attending a hands-on class if possible. Even if you have never done extensions before, you’ll leave the certification feeling more than prepared to start offering your clients the most popular systems (K-Tip, Weft, I-Tip, and Tape) almost immediately after attending. Get training from our team of educators who walk you through the step-by-step process. Ask questions in real-time and connect with other hair enthusiasts while investing in your own skillset and business. We offer in-person training across the country, so check out when the next course is available in your area. 

Connect with us today to find hands on training 



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