HAIR TRENDS 5 hair trends set to dominate 2023 that you should really – Ouielle

HAIR TRENDS 5 hair trends set to dominate 2023 that you should really know about

HAIR TRENDS 5 hair trends set to dominate 2023 that you should really know about

Want to know the hair trends of 2023? We do too, so we tapped up some of our top hair stylist friends to ask them to spill on what we should be looking out for. 

The good news? Finding a haircut you like could be as simple as ABC, thanks to the wave of alphabet haircuts set to headline going forward. You might have heard of the “V” cut, where hair comes to a point at the ends, but the “C” and “U” cut are about to be major and the offer a slightly softer take on the heavy layers that have dominated for the past couple of years.


‘90s midis Ultra Thick

Don't like your hair too long, or too short? The '90s midi cut is the perfect middle ground. “The easiest way to update a midi cut is to add some internal layers and texture," says Dom. “Instead of it being one length at the shoulder or collarbone, it should have a ton of movement allowing it to be more voluminous and fluffy. We’ll see an update on the ‘90s style with flicked-out wispy layering that’s still heavy in the length so you don’t lose the overall style,” he says.

But, for that ‘90s blow-out aesthetic, there will be some styling involved. “As a rule of thumb, any length that’s at the shoulder and shorter is in a ’style' so a simple hair wash and air dry will have you looking cool. Any length longer than the shoulder needs styling. It should be cut well enough to wash and leave to dry naturally, as a great cut should give you versatility. But with more length you usually have to style it to maximise your cut, so get your hair dyer, brushes and curling or straightening irons out to create the style you want. The cut will do the majority of the work but a little styling is needed to get the most out of your final look,” says Dom.

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Long Layers


If you're wondering why the ultra-layered look is having such a moment now, Michael Van Clarke, hairstylist and founder of 3"More Inches Haircare, has a theory. Post-lockdown, beauty buffs have become bored of one-length styles and are looking to add more excitement and movement to their hair.  

Battaglini echoes this, saying that, before the pandemic, minimal layers, long lengths, and taking off as little as possible were trending. “Then, when the pandemic hit, people couldn’t get haircuts as often or at all, so people had grown-out lengths and no layers,” she says, explaining that her clients felt very “weighed down.” Fortunately, the butterfly cut provides the perfect solution for that.



When it comes to styling the butterfly, you can either let your hair air-dry or blow it out, says Spino. If opting for the former, however, she suggests lifting the hair up and finishing with texturizing spray to show off the layers. If you prefer to accentuate your layers with bombshell blowout, Battaglini advises styling with volumizing mousse and a hot brush, and topping it off with smoothing serum or oil for a gorgeous, glossy finish.

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Curtain bangs

So the curtain fringe is going nowhere. Just like 2022 it's set to be major in 2023. As for how to get it just right, “it should start mid-way between the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose, but it has more length at the sides," says Dom. Depending on how heavy you get it cut it can feel ultra plush or barely there, and tuck back into the rest of your hair when up, or teased forward. “It has a flowy vibe. It’s not a solid bang or fringe, but it’s also not just face framing. It’s somewhere in the middle and it suits the majority of hair lengths too,” says Dom. “There are so many options for people with long hair when it comes to cuts,” agrees Dionne. “If you don't want to take the plunge by going for a short cut, you can add a wispy fringe to your long or mid-length hair,” she says.

Straight Long Layered Hair


Rugetti recommends a volumized bombshell blowout with soft layers if you’re looking to make a statement. To create a fuller appearance, use extensions to get even more volume. Velcro rollers are ideal for getting that bouncy '90s supermodel effect.

Soft layers aren't as dramatic as some of the more choppy layers that are trending, which could be a good starting point if you want a cut that's a bit more subtle.

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