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How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions at Home?

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions at Home?
Hair Extensions offer us a gift of safety and convenience when it comes to maintaining our hair. Just as thoughtfully as we take good care of any of the important things in our lives, it is equally as important that we try to take care of our hair extensions. Proper maintenance involves learning how to wash Remy hair extensions and using the best hair care items you need to make sure your extensions have a long and healthy life. Taking care of hair extensions is just like taking care of your natural hair; essentially, all the same, rules apply, such as keeping up with daily washing, making sure you brush your hair every day, and using the right materials.
This article will provide a guide of hair extension care which can prolong your extension’s life. 

Use Sulfate-free Shampoo & Alcohol-free Products

Any shampoo containing Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) has the tendency to damage and corrode the bonds of your expensive and professional hair extensions. So, why take the chance?
Best Hair Extensions No Tangle
Sulfate ingredients continue to strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving them stiff, brittle and highly prone to get tangled. Sulfate-free shampoos preserve sufficient moisture and lustration. In addition, we support the use of oils and leave-in conditioners to enhance the safety and hydration of your hair.
Use extensions-friendly shampoos. There are tons of them available out there. While applying the shampoo, scrub as lightly as you can to make your hair clean and grease-free. It may be a bit hard to reach your scalp. Never try to dig in with your fingers. Just relax, and wait for the shampoo to get in. Also, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the edges and tips as well.
Avoid contact with salt water or chlorine.


Use proper products or no products at all. This rule will prolong the life of your Remy hair extensions.

Use Conditioner on both Extensions & Natural Hair

You will agree with me when I say that conditioning your hair can make them silkier and shinier. Don’t hesitate to use conditioner on both your extensions and natural hair. It won’t hurt them a bit. Instead, it can make them softer and durable.
While applying the conditioner, make sure that you don’t condition the roots as it can cause the roots to unravel over time. Just, apply on the tips of your natural hair and extensions. That’s where the conditioners work anyways.

Never Dye your Natural Hair with Extensions In

Doing this thing is a big, big NO. Don’t ever try to dye your hair by yourself especially when you are wearing hair extensions. It can make a mess. Just don’t do it unless you are a hair-stylist yourself.
If you really want to change the colour of your extensions, add your goal colour with your current extensions, simply visit a hairstylist. They will offer the best ways to dye your hair with hair extensions. We again repeat, don’t do it yourself. Prevention is better than cure!
How to colour your hair extensions

Sleep on a Silky Pillowcase

 Hair extensions can make you feel like literal Disney princesses. So, take care of your hair like a princess would.

Do not sleep on a rough-textured pillow-case or bedsheet. Instead, use a soft and silk pillowcase so your hair does not get stuck anywhere. Try to give your extensions as much comfort as possible. Silky pillowcases are the best for sleeping with hair extensions on.

Brush Properly

 Get a brush for extensions. It is important, you 're basically going to tear your hair off if you try to brush it constantly with a regular brush, so get one seriously, it's just about €15 and it's worth every cent.

It is very important to never brush your roots. Why? Because this is where your extensions are attached to your scalp, and you're going to hurt them and eventually take them. Instead, finger your hands through the roots to keep them from twirling, and then hold your hair in the fist just under your ear, and then brush the ends. By holding your hair, you take the pressure off the bonds to keep them intact.
If you want to remove your i-tip or tape extensions at home due to extreme situations watch this video so you can remove them without damaging your natural hair and you can properly store them for the next time you want to re-attach them with your stylist at the salon.
Blow dry the roots first, no air drying! Make sure your hair is completely dry before brushing. Then brush properly like explained above and do not brush above the cylinders (for i-tip), only below. Don’t pull your hair back tight, you only want to do loose braids or low ponytails.  If you try to do a messy bun you risk your extensions getting tangled. Make sure non of the extensions get stuck together, or if they do gently pull them apart. If you have any tangling by the roots you need to remove them immediately. Watch the video above to learn how to remove your hair extensions at home during a quarantine if your stylist’s salon is closed.
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