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How to create heatless curls

How to create heatless curls

It's no secret that using straighteners, curlers, or blow-dryers on the daily can do some serious damage to your locks. 

While we all want healthy hair...

Sometimes it's just too hard to go all natural. 

And too tempting to fix the stray bits and frizz with a straightener or curler. 

But here's the bottom line:

If you want to revive your hair...

And let your natural hair grow...

You're going to have to break up with your beloved heat styling tools. 

I know, it sucks.

But like all toxic relationships, this break up will be better for you in the long run ;)  

Plus, I have a perfectly good rebound for you; heatless styling techniques. 


How to create heatless curls...

Remember when you were a little girl and you'd take your plaits out after a big day at school, and your hair was in perfect waves? 

Yep, turns out that's actually a technique for achieving heatless curls. 

There are many different curls that you can create, simply by styling your hair in various twists and buns, and sleeping with it overnight. 

Here are some of our favourite ways to curl your hair without heat. 


1. Big, bouncy waves.

Yes, you can get big, bouncy, glam waves without a blow wave. 

All you'll need is one of those donut bun makers, your favourite hair serum and a hair tie. 


Apply hair serum to your hair. This will help eliminate any potential frizziness from your curls.


Tie your hair in a ponytail as high as you can on your head. Keep it a little loose so you don't get a hair crease from the elastic band.


Thread your donut bun onto your ponytail. Then grab your ponytail and loop it through the donut bun.

Continue threading your hair vertically around the donut bun until all your hair is wrapped in the bun. 

You can clip two big clips on either side of the bun to keep it in place while you sleep.


Get your beauty sleep babe! 

Leave the bun in overnight, and the next day your hair will have big, bouncy curls. 

Tip: this particular heatless styling technique is most effective with straight hair. 


2. Heatless beach waves.

It's super easy to get beachy waves without using a curling wand.

In fact, you'll probably find that you get more natural looking beach waves with this heatless styling method.


Part your hair down the middle and section your hair into two.


Loosely braid each side of your hair. 


Instead of securing your braids with hair ties, you want to take the end of your braid and pin it to the top of your head with bobby pins.

If you're worried about getting weird hair kinks from the pins, a good little trick is to place cotton pads on top of the hair before securing with a bobby pin.


Bed time, of course.

After a night's sleep, your hair should look just like those salt water beach waves the next morning.


 3. Smooth, subtle waves 

This heatless styling hack requires two silk head scarfs, and again your favourite serum. 


Lightly run the serum through your hair.


Divide your hair into two sections. For thicker hair, you may want to do 3-4 sections. 


Tie the scarf around your hair in a knot. At this point, you should look like you have two (or more) ponytails tied with the scarfs. 

Next, you want to twist your hair and the scarfs together.

Start by wrapping your hair once clockwise around one end of the scarf.

Then wrap your hair anti-clockwise around the other end of the scarf.

You should be wrapping your hair in a figure 8 shape around the two ends of the scarf, until all your hair is twisted. 


Tie the scarves in a knot at the end of the twists, and repeat with the other ponytails. 

Sleep with this hairstyle overnight. 

The next morning, use a wide tooth comb to gently comb through your hair, and you should have soft, smooth waves! 

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