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The Best Hair Available Anywhere in the World

The Best Hair Available Anywhere in the World

We truly believe that Russian hair is unlike any other. Luxurious and strong; it is the perfect hair to make long-lasting and natural-looking hair extensions. 

What Makes Russian Hair the Best for Extensions?

Russian hair is considered to be the creme de la creme of the hair extensions world, and our Russian hair genuinely proves that it is true. We have travelled far and wide in order to procure the best possible hair.

All our hair is 100% cuticle correct Remy hair and our Russian hair is also double drawn ensuring thickness from root to tip. Our Russian hair is of exceptional quality and is durable yet fine at the same time. Genetic as well as environmental factors contribute to this hair being of fantastic quality. 

The next big difference is the texture

Indian hair is the most readily available hair for extensions because culturally they donate their hair at temples. Indian hair texture varies by region so depending on where the company you purchase from sources their hair you could end up with hair that is very coarse and holds different wave patterns depend- ing on the number of donors your set comes from. Russian hair is a much better option for women with fine hair, which is a big reason why many of us get extensions in the first place. It gives a much better and more natural blend allowing you to add as much or a little hair density and length to achieve your desired look.

"with many of our clients wearing the same hair for up to five years, if proper maintenance is carried out."

Here at West Label we only offer single donor hair extensions. This meant all strands will always react the same way to styling.

Russian hair is some of the most sought-after in the world when it comes to hair extensions. There are a number of reasons as to why Russian hair extensions are seen as the best, however, the main underlying factor behind this is diet. 

Its Also Diet

The traditional Russian diet is very low in salt and fat. It is also extremely nutrient-rich due to an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. This combination means that Russian hair is very healthy.

Too much salt in your diet can cause a build-up of sodium around the hair follicles, preventing nutrients from reaching the strands, leading to hair loss.

Following a low salt diet such as the Russian one, therefore, allows the nutrients to reach the hair resulting in noticeable benefits.

Russian hair wefts

Gloss: nutrients help the hair to look glossy, and keep it looking healthy, luxurious and super soft.

Strength: not only do the nutrients help the hair to look amazing, but they also help to strengthen the hair resulting in fewer breakages

Lightweight: Russian hair is also very lightweight, despite its strength. This means it moves like natural hair and puts less strain on the scalp

These are just some of the reasons why our Russian hair extensions look so amazing.  

Russian hair is also similar to western hair in texture and available in a wide range of colour options, including blondes, brunettes and reds. This means that it is much easier to colour match your extensions to your natural hair to ensure a seamless blend. This also means that hair does not need to be chemically treated before fitting and will behave the same way as your own hair, even after washing and drying. 

A lack of chemical treatments before fitting means that Russian hair tends to have less damage than Asian hair.

The superior quality of Russian hair extensions means that clients can expect to wear them for years, as opposed to months. This truly is an investment worth having, with many of our clients wearing the same hair for up to five years, if proper maintenance is carried out.

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