When looking for the perfect hair tool, it can be difficult understanding which is right for you. Our hair experts made a list to help you find the best rotating iron for your specific hair needs!
First thing's first: the OG PRIME Rotating Iron. This versatile design includes one-way rotation with two sets of bristles - every time your hair passes through, the bristles smooth, polish, and separate your hair. This 1.25” barrel has two heat settings up to 410℉. This rotating iron is proven to straighten hair better than a flat iron, and here's the proof.

MAX PRIME: Best for people who switch up their style
MAX PRIME has all the things that you would want in a hair tool if you like to switch it up. 2-way rotation makes it even easier to style your hair, giving you the options to straighten, curl, add body, and shine. Want to try it yourself? Watch this tutorial.

Now let’s talk about AIRLESS, our newest innovation in rotating irons and the best iron for shorter hair. AIRLESS works hard so you don’t have to, turning 150 times a minute the 1” barrel moves and styles in a flash. The iron also has a blend of ionic and boar bristles to reduce frizz in styling. Click here to see the shine.

MAX PRIME WET TO DRY: If you want to style damp hair
If you want one tool that TRULY does it all, MAX PRIME WET TO DRY is the one for you. These special wet-to-dry bristles safely whisk water out of hair, so you can dry AND style your hair at the same time without damaging it. Don't believe it? Check out this tutorial here! And the best part? This tool also works on dry hair. This is the ultimate multi-styler, especially if you're traveling and need one tool that can do everything (goodbye, hotel hair dryers!) 
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