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How To Save Money On Your Hair Routine

How To Save Money On Your Hair Routine

How To Save Money On Your Hair Routine

We all want our hair to look amazing and taking the time to pamper ourselves and try out some fancy new products can be really fun. The process shouldn’t require bankrupting a small country though and if you’re spending more on dry shampoo than groceries then something’s going wrong. To help you curb your spending habits here are a few ways to save money on your hair routine...

At home

Use the right amount of product

As some high end products are really concentrated you can use a lot less of them, especially shampoos. It’s best to put a small amount into your hands first along with some water and work the product until it emulsifies (lathers) before putting it in your hair. It’s the same for high end serums and sprays too, so it’s better to start off with a small amount and then add more if you need to.

Read up on ingredients

Fancy branding is great but what you really need to be looking at is the ingredients list. Often high and low end products can share the same main ingredients so for those months when you need to save you can make the switch. Ideally you want to invest in a great shampoo and conditioner but compromise on your styling products as this will keep your hair in the best condition.

Minimise your products

We often get suckered into buying things by pretty packaging but you don’t want to end up spending money on products you won’t use. It’s worth taking note of your monthly routine to streamline what you’re picking up. Look out for multi-tasking products like a hairspray with heat protection or a dry shampoo which texturises so you’ll only have to pick up one thing and make sure they work with your hair type too.

Make your own

If you really want to save money then why not make your own hair products from items lying around in your kitchen cupboard? It’s really simple to do and could save you a lot money on expensive treatments. We’ve actually written a post on DIY hair mask recipes here that you can try out and bicarb of soda is a great alternative to dry shampoo too!

Use products that will protect your colour

There’s no point in spending a fortune on your hair colour just to let it run down the plug hole as soon as you wash your hair. Find a shampoo and conditioner that work with your shade and will help your hair hold onto the dye for longer.


At the salon


Ok, ok so we’re not here to lecture you but if you really want to get spendy on your hair you’re going to have to budget for it. Figure out how much money you want to spend on treatments and then plan your salon trips in advance so that you can save if you need to.

Hair model trainee

Most salons dedicate a day to trainee stylists and they often charge way less than the normal prices. Ask around, especially if you want your colour done, to find out if any of your local salons are offering this.

Dust at home

Dusting is basically when you snip off the ends of your hair to keep it looking super healthy and to prevent split ends. There are a few ways you can do this which we’ve written about here but if you’re looking to save money it’s a great way to prolong the gap between salon visits.

Skip the blowdry

This sounds like the least glamorous thing ever but when a blow dry is £35 it’s so worth it. Basically rather than booking in for a cut and blowdry just go for the cut and then get a quick blast with the hairdryer instead. Unless you have plans afterwards you’re just wasting that money on being sat at home in your pjs anyway.

Go low maintenance

Rather than getting an all over colour where your roots will be visible go for an ombre or balayage colour instead as it will require a lot less upkeep. As your roots grow out they’ll blend into the rest of your hair and you won’t see that harsh tell tale line either. You can also go for a root drag if you’ve already had an all over colour but want to transition to something that’s less upkeep. This is basically dragging down your root shade to meet the rest of your hair and will give you the balayage effect. The same goes for haircuts too and it’s best to avoid blunt, structured styles as they will require more regular trips to the salon and therefore more money.

Try root touch up spray

To get another week out of your colour it’s worth picking up some root touch up spray or powder to cover your regrowth. These are really inexpensive and have amazing staying power so no one will be able to tell the difference.

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