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Get the look: Contour your hair with highlights

Get the look: Contour your hair with highlights

Whether you go for face framing highlights, money pieces or curlights, these highlights are designed to strategically add lightness to the hair to brighten up the face and darker tones to sculpt a shape and create depth. Save the looks you love to share with your stylist later.

I know, I know. Don't tell me there is another thing about contouring I need to know. Learning about Hair Contouring is worth it, I promise. The magic of Hair Contouring and a few strategically placed highlights or low lights can really change your face shape.

What is Hair Contouring?

Hair Contouring is a technique that uses hand painted highlights and tones in specific areas of your Hair to accentuate or hide, targeted areas of your face, skin tones and features. With the right Colour choice and arrangement Hair Contouring can draw attention to all the right places, while minimising the parts you don’t like.
The beautiful thing about Hair Contouring? It's for everybody. Everything is chosen and designed to suit the individual face structure, skin tone and features.

Darker Tones vs Lighter Tones

Darker Tones, or Low Lights, will absorb light and will shorten or narrow your face.
Lighter Tones, or High Lights, reflect light, that elongates and lengthens.
Keep it Natural by choosing Colours no more than 2 shades lighter for High Lights and no more than 2 shades darker for Low Lights.

How To

Hair Contouring is done in line with your face shape. Begin by selecting your face shape, to see whats next.


Generally Round faces have strong bone structure, so the aim is to elongate the face. Use Lighter Tones around the Hair line, from ear to ear for brightness. Paint darker Tones underneath the ears and towards the lower ends of the Hair to help lengthen the face.


Use a variety of layers of Highlights and Low Lights around the jawline and temple to soften any hard lines, add depth and lengthen the face.

Heart Shape

Keep Low Lights around the roots and top of the Hair to create depth. Paint Highlights from the jawline and ears through the lengths and ends of the Hair, to soften the chin and bottom half of the face. Consider a Bronde or Ombre Hairstyle.

Diamond / Oblong / Rectangle

Keep with Low Lights around the roots, part and underneath, to create shadowing at the top of the head. Then use small, single highlights around the face, through to the ends of the Hair to elongate the face.



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