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4 Ways To Use OLAPLEX On Hair Extensions

4 Ways To Use OLAPLEX On Hair Extensions

Hair extensions were put on this Earth to cast away the fomo from hair moments gone by. Feeling you are actually Cher but need three feet of mane to look the part? Extensions. Need to go from a Netflix binge to Studio 54 ready? Oh yes, *extensions*. Extensions are there when you need to take it to the next level,time and time again. So how do you keep them from looking like they’re hanging on by a thread? 

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The first step to keeping your extensions fresh, is following the number one rule of hair extensions. The rule is, to treat your hair extensions as if they were your own hair. An extension of your– (no, we won’t take the pun there). Just as you would nurse your own hair back to health with OLAPLEX, you would also do to your 100% human hair extensions. Where there is a broken disulfide bond, OLAPLEX will fix it and there are a handful of options to ensure you’re getting the most life out of your extensions. 

Removing individual hair extension bonds or tracks.When it comes to removing individual bonds, the process can be quite damaging to the hair if you are not careful, as can be removing tracks. To mitigate the damage done when using tools for removal, use OLAPLEX No.2 or OLAPLEX No.3. This will rebuild the bonds in the hair that are being broken by the process. The cream also aids in helping the bonds and tracks glide out of the hair. Who doesn’t love a good multi-tasker?

Coloring.We’re in the mindset that you should never color your hair without OLAPLEX. Why deny the opportunity to reduce damage and make your hair healthier? The same goes for coloring human hair extensions– you want to protect that investment! The same way you formulate with OLAPLEX to color hair, apply to extensions. This way you are dramatically reducing damage done during the bleaching and coloring process by rebuilding the broken disulfide bonds in the hair.

Treatments. Give the girls some TLC with an OLAPLEX treatment. Don’t be jealous, but your extensions have zero responsibilities, which means they can get OLAPLEX’d all day, everyday if you want them to! If you’re a salon professional, you can apply the OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment on them. If you’re a consumer, use OLAPLEX No.3 and show your extensions some love. We’ve heard amazing feedback from those with extensions on how much longer they last by keeping them healthy! 

Styling.100% human hair extensions have the same issues we have on our own heads, which for many, is frizz. As a prep before styling, apply OLAPLEX No.6 to damp hair to keep your mane and your extended mane frizz free for up to 72 hours. Depending on your texture and fullness, start with a dime sized amount and work your way up if needed. This not only moisturizes the hair, it also rebuilds the bonds making the hair stronger then before.

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